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The best quality products & professional service

For people who simply do not have the time or inclination to get the job done themselves. We are proud to provide our services to Companies, Professional Business Men & Women, Diplomats, Embassies, Expats as well as people that have been living in Belgium their whole life !

Our main aim & mission is to do our best to make your life stress free, taking care to supply the required service or professional tradesman that you require, without you having to run around looking for that ” right person or company “. We cover most location’s of Belgium including the main Expat area’s of Brussels, Antwerpen, Tervuren & Waterloo.

We are basically a great mix of a high quality concierge service and yellow pages all rolled into one ! Either using one of our in house professionals or a solid partner provider that offers our own efficient first class values and services, that in our mind are so important to provide, always to each and every client, which explains why we are proud to welcome back recurring clients on a regular basis because we always deliver what we promise at the most competitive price.

We are a local Company that’s close to you

Based in Zaventem south of Brussels we serve Expats living and working in Brussels The Capital of Europe as well as the surrounding area’s of Tervuren, Waterloo, and Antwerp. In fact we wherever you happen to live in Belgium we will do our best to assist you.

Service & Appointments at a time to suit you

We offer service, delivery, appointments and installations during the week as well as our  ” Weekend Service ” for people that are too busy to take time off during the week and require that special personal VIP service tailor made for them.

All The Television & Radio that you miss from your Home Country right here in Belgium

Are you fed up with basic local cable tv, have been relocated, already living & working in your new European Home but missing all your TV & Radio from your Home Country ? Our ” Expat TV Service Team ” offer full professional installation of all Satellite & Cable TV systems, so if your moving into your new house and require your dish antenna re installed or want to purchase a brand new satellite television system, we will provide you with a full price quote, as well as an on site survey if required. Whatever you want to buy, be it a satellite system, new tv, home cinema, simply contact our sales team who will do their very best to answer all your questions, and get you connected as soon as possible.

New for 2016 : ” Expat Cable TV from the USA, UK, Ireland, Brazil & India” which require’s no need for a Satellite Dish Antenna : Just ask us for details

We offer a unique VIP service tailored to Expats and their families living over here in Europe. From whatever your original Home Country may be, we take the time to check what stations can be received and fully explain to you the choice making you a full detailed FREE price quote so you can be connected as quickly as possible to your TV & Radio stations from your Home Country.

Satellite HD Television services to suit all your viewing needs

We supply & install digital satellite Television and Radio systems to Expats living and working in all European Countries with our professional installation service across Belgium, France, Holland and  Luxembourg.

SKY | FREESAT | VIASAT | Canal Digital | In fact we supply ” Any Channel from Any Country “. We offer a unique VIP service tailored to Expats and their families. We take the time to check what stations can be received and fully explain to you the choice, making you a detailed FREE price quote so you can be connected as quickly as possible to the TV & Radio stations from your Home Country. 

Bars & Restaurants | Hotels | Embassies | Corporate Sales

Multi Format Commercial Installations tailor made just for your Business requirements. We  supply and build our services to suit your Business. Email us for more details about your special needs and requirements.

Total Service

Our aim is complete customer satisfaction to which we guarantee our services and products 100%.

Expat Home Services

Expat Assist : If your looking for a Plumber, Gardener, Electrician, Handyman or looking to host an event or find an Interior Decorator or Home Staging expert, Expat in Belgium will help you find that professional expert to assist you. New for 2016 is our ‘ Home Relocation Service ‘ offering Internet, Telephone, GSM, WiFi as well as Computer and Television sales, support and installation. See HERE for more details.

Contact us for more information & a FREE price quote

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Email : info@expatassist.be

Contact us now via our contact form which is just below or click on one of our indicated services for more details on our services and products. We are here to assist you, so if the service you require is not in the list below please do feel free to ask us and we will do our best to find a solution to your request immediately.


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