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Need a job doing at your Home ?

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Then your in need of a good Handyman !

From helping you out with all the little odd jobs that require some professional “know how”, putting up your brand new ceiling & wall lamps, putting up curtain rails, painting, to any job that you require help with at your Home or in the Office.

Fast professional service with a confirmed price quote.

English Speaking Handyman

Need some help with choosing & buying some Home materials such as paint, curtain rails, lamps etc… Just ask us to arrange a Price Quote.

Service all over Belgium

For Expats living and working in all area’s of Belgium, including Brussels, Tervuren, Waterloo, Antwerpen and Mons ( SHAPE ).

If your moving in to your brand new home or simply upgrading your own current Home, Expat Assist combines the best of high quality products with fast professional service.

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